Live Event Specialists

Here at Plus Live Events we strive on having a flexible approach. This allows our clients to customise our in-house solutions to fit their particular requirements. Whether they need a comprehensive package, or specific services to enhance their current setup. By maintaining full control over every aspect of a project and limiting the use of third-party contractors, we consistently achieve results that surpass expectations.

Live Events

In person, fully project managed and installed events.
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Hybrid Events

Fuse the real and digital worlds and create immersive gatherings for your audience no matter where they are.
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Set, Scenery and Exhibitions 

Custom scenic builds designed to fit any event perfectly. With our advanced graphic design services, we can create stunning visuals and unique setups tailored to your specific needs.
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Video Editing

We’ll craft your raw footage into polished, engaging videos with professional edits.

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Entertainment Finder

Bringing your vision to life with memorable moments.

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LED Wall Installation

Transforming spaces with stunning LED wall installations for unforgettable experiences
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Seamless Event Production

Your 100% In-House Event Production Team

Project Management Team

Your event wil be fully project managed from start to finish by our inhouse team. Giving you one point of contact for your event from start to finish.

Sound and Lighting Team

Our in-house audio and lighting technicians will handle all your production needs throughout your event, ensuring no technical glitches when you go live.

Visual Event Tech Team

Our in-house visual event tech team work hard in hand with our sound and lighting team to bring your event to life visually.

Graphics and Build Team

Our in-house graphic and build team are responsible for all print, custom build, set and staging design. Endless possibliltes only limited by your imagination.

3D and Virtual Team

Our team of 3D and virtual artists can create anything you can dream of in the virtual realm. If you can think it, they can create it.

Full Analytics

Whether your event is in person, online or being broadcast, we believe you should be able to measure and see your return on investment. Our analytic team will walk you through your data post event.

Who We’ve Worked With

Get your free event proposal with 3D renders today!

With our complimentary 3D rendered proposal, you gain a tangible glimpse into the future of your event. Visualise the captivating ambiance, immersive setups, and seamless flow of your event, brought to life in stunning 3D and Virutal Reality detail.

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Your Event Production Partner for Live Events.

Our extensive event portfolio reflects the breadth of our capabilities. From being a part of high-energy events worldwide with Formula E to curating immersive traveling theatre tours, we have seamlessly transitioned from the adrenaline of motorsports to the artistry of stage productions. Additionally, our track record includes flawlessly executing sophisticated corporate conferences and dazzling galas, demonstrating our versatility across a wide spectrum of event styles and industries. This diverse range of projects underscores our adaptability, creativity, and commitment to excellence in every event we undertake.

Hybrid Event & Video Editing Production

At Plus Live Events, our hybrid event capabilities combine the best of in-person and virtual experiences, providing a seamless and engaging environment for all attendees. Our skilled video editing team works meticulously to enhance your event’s visual impact, ensuring high-quality production values and a polished final presentation. Whether it’s live streaming, pre-recorded content, or interactive segments, we deliver top-notch hybrid events that connect and captivate your audience.


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Immerse Yourself in a World of Imagination: We unleash the full potential of creativity, ensuring your event stands out as a masterpiece of originality and ingenuity. We thrive on pushing the boundaries, embracing the uncharted, and sparking moments of brilliance that set your events apart. Our team of creatives revel in transforming ideas into awe-inspiring realities, making us the catalysts of innovation in the event production industry.

Successful events and projects to date

Technical, Design & Build staff at your disposal

Objective - Providing an unforgettable event experience


Our Clients

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“I have it on good authority (my own) that Plus Live are professional, reliable, diligent and extremely capable.
I have no hesitation in recommending them. You will get the highest quality.
Yours, Su Pollard xxxx”

Su Pollard
Live Stage Show customer

Our virtual platform enables us to create unique, tailored online sessions and webinars for our clients and partners, no matter where they are in the world. It is simple and easy to use, but it delivers so much! The people at Plus Live are always keen to help and offer assistance when needed. It’s exactly what we needed to maximise our services

Helene Bendo – Head of Finance – Citizen Advice Burea
Long term Virtual Event platform customer

“We had a very successful event. Cooperation with Plus Live was phenomenal.  Working with Plus Live, for me, was a great experience. I felt like I was working with colleagues that I’d known for years. I couldn’t fault the experience at all. We will definitely be using Plus Live for similar events, I’m sure. If I was asked to recommend a company to execute such and event, Plus Live would be first on my list.

Ian Poulter – Regional General Manager – Hollister Inc.
Hybrid Product Launch customer


What types of events do you organise?

We specialise in organising a wide range of events, including live conferences, trade shows, corporate meetings, product launches, virtual webinars, hybrid events (combining in-person and virtual elements), and much more. Our team is experienced in creating tailored event solutions to meet your specific needs

How do virtual events differ from live events?

Virtual events are entirely online and accessible from any location, allowing attendees to participate remotely. They involve interactive features like live streaming, virtual exhibitor booths, networking lounges, and Q&A sessions. Live events, on the other hand, take place at physical venues and involve in-person interactions, networking opportunities, and face-to-face experiences.

What is a hybrid event, and how does it work?

A hybrid event combines both live, in-person elements and virtual components. Attendees can choose to participate in person or join remotely from anywhere in the world. Hybrid events offer the flexibility to cater to a broader audience while maintaining the engagement and interactivity of traditional live events.

How do you ensure the success of a virtual event?

We focus on creating engaging content, seamless technical execution, and providing interactive platforms to facilitate networking and discussions. Our team works closely with you to understand your objectives and customise the event to meet your specific goals. Additionally, we leverage the latest technology and employ experienced event producers to ensure a successful virtual experience.

Can you handle large-scale events with a significant number of attendees?

Absolutely! We have experience in managing events of all sizes, from small intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences with thousands of attendees. Our robust infrastructure and expert team allow us to scale the event to accommodate any number of participants, ensuring a smooth experience for all.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of virtual events?

We take data security and privacy seriously. Our virtual event platforms utilise encrypted communication and secure login procedures to safeguard attendee information. We also implement authentication measures to ensure only registered participants can access the event, and we comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Can you assist with event promotion and marketing?

Yes, we offer comprehensive event marketing services to help you reach your target audience effectively. Our marketing strategies include email campaigns, social media promotions, digital advertising, and partnerships with relevant industry influencers to maximise event visibility and attendance.

What technical requirements do attendees need for virtual events?

For virtual events, attendees generally need a stable internet connection, a compatible web browser, and access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We provide detailed instructions and technical support to help participants easily access and navigate the virtual event platform.

How do you measure the success of an event?

We use various metrics to gauge the success of an event, such as the number of attendees, participant engagement levels, feedback surveys, post-event analytics, and achievement of predefined goals and objectives. This data helps us assess the event’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement in future events.

What sets your event company apart from others?

Our company stands out for its extensive experience in organising all types of events, from traditional live gatherings to cutting-edge virtual and hybrid experiences. We offer personalised solutions tailored to each client’s needs, a dedicated team of event professionals, and a commitment to delivering exceptional events that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Where can you provide your event services?

Currently, we offer our event management services right across the UK.

How can I request a quote?
Head over to our Contact Page, fill out the form and one of our friendly experts will be in touch soon. Alternatively, you can call us on 01782 264110

Get your free event proposal with 3D renders today!

With our complimentary 3D rendered proposal, you gain a tangible glimpse into the future of your event. Visualise the captivating ambiance, immersive setups, and seamless flow of your event, brought to life in stunning 3D and Virutal Reality detail.